Inventing Scientific Value of Local Wisdom: A Lesson from Warige Sasak in Lombok, Indonesia

Ma'shum, Mansur and Mahrup, Mahrup and Yasin, Ismail and Idris, Muhamad Husni (2010) Inventing Scientific Value of Local Wisdom: A Lesson from Warige Sasak in Lombok, Indonesia. In: Proceeding Of International Seminar on Culture Economic and Environment. Universitas Mataram, Mataram, pp. 92-100. ISBN 978-979-8911-67- 5


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It has been very long time, indigenous Sasak tribe in Lombok refers to local wisdom called warige as a` seasonal climate forecasting. This model was well known by traditional farmers in southern Lombok. In modern day, local wisdom is being ignored because of scientific approaches in climate forecasting. A descriptive research was carried out by interviewing local people who are still practicing warige and literature review was also conducted. Research was implemented in two stages. First of all, study on how does warige work in 2005 to 2007 and the second stage was a study on mechanism of physical interaction in warige system in 2008 to 2009. The purpose of the first study was to explore basic principals of warige. The purpose of the second research was to study mechanisms which possibly make warige able to predict seasonal rainfall. It was found from the first study that warige model considers position of sun and moon relative to earth latitude. It means that warige has a scientific consideration. The most critical step in warige is determination of tumbuk which is a period when sun is on overhead at midday. Phase of the moon at the time of tumbuk is attributed to characteristic of rainfall in the next rainy season. If tumbuk occurs at date 6th of a local calendar means that the next season will be more rain (wet), at date 16th means normal rainfall, whereas it will be dry season if tumbuk occurs at 26th. Result of the second study revealed that position of sun above the Indian Ocean at the date 20th of the month 10th of Sasak calendar (third week of February) has significant effect on rainfall pattern at the end of rainy season. Traditionally, it is coincides to nyale event (sea worm catching time) in southern beaches of Lombok. This event is believed to have correlation with rainfall pattern. It can be concluded that warige model has included effect of global factors, mainly interaction of gravitational force of sun, moon and earth to the ocean. It makes warige as a unique model in which scientific concepts were integrated.

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