Diversity of Bryophyta in University of Mataram Area

Heryanto, Vira and Wahyuni, Apriana and Mulyaningsih, Tri (2019) Diversity of Bryophyta in University of Mataram Area. In: The 2nd International Conference on Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biometrics 2019, August 13-14, 2019, Aruna Senggigi Resort & Convension, Lombok. (Unpublished)

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Moss (Bryophyta) are the second largest group after higher plants. The number of moss species is approximately 25,000 species that spread throughout the world. It is the second largest group after flowering plants. Indonesia itself has a diversity of moss plants about 1,500 species. Moss usually used as medicine, such as: healing heart disease, inflammation, fever, ringworm, diuretics, mouth wash, surgical and wound medicines. Bryophyta usually grow in a wet and humid place like some areas in the University of Mataram area. The porpuse of this research was to find out the species of moss that live in the area of buildings, waterways, stones, in areas sheltered and epiphytes on several trees in the University of Mataram. The samples collection used the census method. The results showed there are 3 divisions, 5 classes, 5 orders, 7 families with 12 species, namely: 1. division Bryophyta, subdivision Bryophytina; class Bryopsida, subclass Dicranidae, order Pottiales, family Pottiaceae (Hennediella sp., H. stanfordensis (Steerel) Blockeel, H. macrophylla (R. Br. Bis) Paris, Scopelophila cataractae (Mitt.) Broth., Barbula bolleana (Mull. Hal) Broth. and Weissia controversa Hedw.); order Dicranales, family Calymperaceae (Calymperes sp.) and family Fissidentaceae (Fissidens sp.); class Polytrichopsida, order Polytrichales, Polytrichaceae (Polytrichum commune Hedw. and Atrichum flavisetum Mitt.); 2. division Anthocerotophyta, classis Anthocerotopsida, family Anthocerotaceae (Anthoceros sp.); 3. division Marchantiophyta, class Marchantiopsida, subclass Marchantiidae, order Lunulariales, Lanulariaceae H. Keng; class Jungermanniopsida, subclass Jungermanniidae, order Porellales, suborder Jubulineae, family Lejeuneaceae (Lejeunea sp.).

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Poster)
Keywords (Kata Kunci): liverwort, hornwort, moss, Bryophyta, Mataram, Lombok.
Subjects: Q Science > QK Botany
Divisions: Fakultas Matematika dan ilmu Pengetahuan Alam
Depositing User: Dr Tri Mulyaningsih
Date Deposited: 20 Aug 2019 00:36
Last Modified: 20 Aug 2019 00:36
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