Management Strategy of Halal Tourism (Case Study in Central Lombok Local Government)

Rakhmawati, Intan and Putra, I Kadek Dwi Kencana Management Strategy of Halal Tourism (Case Study in Central Lombok Local Government). Jurnal Penelitian Unram. ISSN 0854-0098 (Unpublished)

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In 2015, Lombok have won The World's Best Halal Honeymoon Destination and The World's Best Halal Tourism Destination in World Halal Tourism Awards (WHTA). But for Central Lombok Regency Government, altough have that predicate, but the influence to income tax local government (al-wazha-if) from hotel and entertainment precisely decrease. Because of that, since that year, the West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government through its regency government seeks to make Lombok as eco-halal tourism too. This research is based on The Diffusion of Innovation Theory from Rogers (1962). According that theory, there are five adopter categories, there is innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards. Researchers used this theory because Central Lombok Regency still in development stage for become region with halal tourism. Because that, different strategies for tourism should be conducted depending on regency is which type of adopter. According to Chukaew (2015) and regulation from MUI and Regulation of Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry No. 2/ 2014 about Guidelines for Business Operations of Sharia Hotel, there are standard factors of measurement of halal tourism, consist of obedience of guides, staff, and all activities to with Islamic principles, type of building must confirm with Islamic principles, and the type of restaurant and entertainment must follow international halal service standards too. Because that, this research using regional regulations related halal tourism, development tourist objects, facilities and infrastructure as indicator. This research use financing, education, and training from regency government as indicator too. To explore these things, this research uses qualitative data from interviews and observations. The research subject is Head of Tourism and Culture of Central Lombok Regency, Sales Marketing star hotels in Central Lombok Regency, and small businessman around that location. Beside that, this research use questionnare method too with small businessman around beach dan hotel. For result, connect with regional regulations related halal tourism, Central Lombok Regency Government don’t have spesific regulation, so they still just use MUI and BPOM regulation. Regulation about halal tourism is from West Nusa Tenggara Province Government. Beside that, for development of tourist objects, facilities and infrastructure, Central Lombok Regency Government now still develop facilities and build tourism infrastructure. For its financing, the fund that budgeted has also been allocated to tourism development sector. Local government have give tourism information for educate and trained hotel and restaurant, but for halal tourism, still to be deepened. But for hotel, restaurant, restaurant in hotel, and entertainment have follow halal service standards. From that phase, Central Lombok Regency are early adopters. Beside that, for development of tourist objects, facilities and infrastructure, Central Lombok Regency Government now still in develop, and the budgeted have also been allocated. It indicates that the Department of Culture and Tourism in Central Lombok Regency should be more often to socialize to the community and small businessman around the object of tourism, about the latest programs that will be done by government, and coaching activities which can be improve, so they can continue to increase their revenue.

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