Sociotechnical Adaptive Water Governance: A Case Study of Water Governance in Lombok Indonesia

Laplaza, ALEX and I Gusti L.P, I Gusti L.P and Tanaya, Tanaya and Suwardji, Suwardji (2018) Sociotechnical Adaptive Water Governance: A Case Study of Water Governance in Lombok Indonesia. S3 thesis, upt. perpustakaan.


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Navigating hydrological change and social-ecological complexity requires adaptive water governance. However, moving from premise to practice has been problematic, particularly in developing contexts. Strategies aimed at translating governance prescriptions into practical planning and sustained implementation are not well articulated nor understood. Thus, this paper examines a water governance paradigm in Lombok, Indonesia with the objective of expounding the dynamics between adaptive water governance and contextual conditions. This case study reveals an innovative pathway toward achieving governance prescriptions. In Lombok, decentralized technical decision-making acts as a fulcrum on which adaptive water governance processes are initiated. Further unpacking this approach suggests it can serve as a context- tailored transformative strategy that balances top-down and bottom-up approaches. Rather than radically alter contextual constraints, this strategy exploits them to produce adaptive governance opportunities. In doing so, it is more likely to overcome the traditional challenges of entrenched interests, high transaction costs, and institutional inertia. These findings underscore shortcomings in our understanding of the interconnection between technological and social dimensions of water governance. The importance of how social and institutional factors affect technical water management outcomes is well understood, however the converse of this dynamic is often overlooked. Therefore, this paper advocates for a more comprehensive integration of the many complex dimensions of water governance.

Item Type: Thesis (S3)
Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
Divisions: Fakultas Pertanian
Depositing User: Wiwin Kartikawati
Date Deposited: 29 Mar 2018 04:03
Last Modified: 29 Mar 2018 04:03

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