Local Wisdom Values-Based Coastal Natural Resources Management

Dr. RR Cshyowati,SH.,M.Hum, Dr. RR Cshyowati,SH.,M.Hum and Prof. Dr. H. M. Galang Asmara, SH., M.Hum, Prof. Dr. H. M. Galang Asmara, SH., M.Hum and Prof.Dr.H.Arba.SH.,M.Hum, Prof.Dr.H.Arba.SH.,M.Hum and Shad Zughairi,SH.,MH, Shad Zughairi,SH.,MH Local Wisdom Values-Based Coastal Natural Resources Management. Local Wisdom Values-Based Coastal Natural Resources Management.

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Abstract—The objective of this papers to describe the principles underlying coastal natural resources management, the norms and sanctions for their violations; to review and criticize legislation and policies related to regulation of coastal natural resources management, including Awig-awig in Pujut Subdistrict, Central Lombok regency, Indonesia. We used socio legal research types and focus group discussion with 20 respondents to establish the projects. The results indicated that coastal natural resources management is based on nine legal principles including principles of Benefit, Sustainability, Accessibility, Consensus, Protection/Environmental Arrangement, Common Interest, Supreme Awig-Awig, Legal Sync and Institution. The Jam, Local Implementing Authority (Awig-Awig) applies eleven principles: Local, Pancasila, Prioritizing Local Habits, Responsibility, Electing and Being Elected, Freedom of Argument, Compliance with Laws and Collective Agreements, Upholding Dignity of the Institute, Independence, Being Tiered, and Deliberation Priority principles. The norms in the of coastal natural resources management include norms of command, prohibition, and permissibility, and sanctions for violations in the form of dismiss on activities, and environmental restoration fines imposed. In conclusion, Awig-awig management of natural resources in Pujut Sub-district, Central Lombok Regency, does not conform to the principles in several related government laws.

Item Type: Article
Keywords (Kata Kunci): Keywords— coastal natural resource management; local wisdom; legal principles; awig-awig
Subjects: J Political Science > J General legislative and executive papers
Divisions: Fakultas Hukum
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Date Deposited: 01 Apr 2021 04:21
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