Growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum) adapted to lowland Lombok Island as an alternative food crop for dryland

Akhmad Zubaidi, A Zubaidi and V.F. Aris Budianto, V F A Budianto and Astam Wiresyamsi, A Wiresyamsi and Hanafi Abdurrahman, H Abdurrahman Growth and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum) adapted to lowland Lombok Island as an alternative food crop for dryland. Universitas Brawijaya.

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Wheat is not currently grown as a commercial crop in Indonesia, however since the consumption of wheat in Indonesia is steadily increasing and alternative of dry season crops are required for farming system diversification, wheat becomes an important crop to be adapted in dry land areas of Indonesia, one of them is dry land area of Lombok Island. The aims of this experiment is to adapt and screen wheat varieties including national and introduced Australian varieties in lowland Lombok Island. In future, wheat is expected to be an alternative crop for degraded lands. The experimental method used to evaluate growth and yield of 10 wheat varieties to look at the adaptability on the lowland of 200 m asl (Pringgarata) and on higher land of 400 m asl (Aik Bukak). The results showed that at a lower altitude (Pringgarata), wheat growth is slower than in Aik Bukak, which can be caused by the temperature at 200 m asl has exceeded the tolerance limit for grain growth (supra optimal temperature). Wheat can give good yields on 400 m asl, but the yield is decreased at 200 m asl (average 1.68 t/ha vs 0.82 t/ha). This low yield is mainly due to sterility indicated by the low number of grain/spikelet (<2 grain/spikelet). There is genetic variation of wheat crop responses adapted to the lowlands. Nias, Dewata, Mace and Estoc give good yields (> 2 t/ha ), higher than other varieties

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Keywords (Kata Kunci): adaptation, dryland, Lombok Island, lowland, wheat
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