Yield of wheat (tricicum aestivum) on different row spacing and rates of nitrogen fertilizer

Dwi Ratna Anugrahwati, Dwi Ratna Anugrahwati and Akhmad Zubaidi, Akhmad Zubaidi and Uyek Malik Yakop, Uyek Malik Yakop Yield of wheat (tricicum aestivum) on different row spacing and rates of nitrogen fertilizer. Departement of Agrotechnology Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.

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Consumption of wheat in Indonesia is high and continuously increasing. The increased demand need to be fulfilled by domestic wheat production. Higher wheat productions could be achieved by applying cultivarlon technology suitable with agro-climatic conditions in Indonesia. Row spacing and application of N fertilizer is among important factors to increase wheat production. A study was undertaken to determine the effects of row spacing and N fertilizer on yield of a wheat variety, Nias, in Lombok Island Indonesia. The experiment was conducted at Aik Bukak village, Central. Lombok, at elevation of 400 masl, from June to September 2015. It was arranged as randomized complete block design with .3 replications. The treatments were three row spacing (2.0, 25 and 30 em apart), and three rates of N fertilizer (90, 135 and 180 kg N/ha). Results shows that rowspacing affects ear and grain number and yield, while rates of N fertilizer affect number of spikelet/ear. TI1C highest number of ears and grains, and yield are found in20 ern row spacing. Application of 135 kg N/ha produced the optimum number of spikelet/ear. Therefore wheat yield can he increased by narrowing row spacing to 20 ern and applying 135 kg N/ha

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Keywords (Kata Kunci): Wheat, Row spacing, Nitrogen fertilizer, Lombok Island
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